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Why In-house is Always Hard!

Hiring in-house SEO personnel can also be a challenge, as many businesses have already discovered from past experience.

In very competitive niches, SEO experience makes a big difference. Yet, it can be a real challenge to find and hire a talented SEO person in-house, especially for small businesses with limited resources and budgets. The best search engine optimization specialists have their own agencies and are rarely available for full-time hire.

SEO is a talent-based profession. In some ways, it’s similar to legal services. While you can have in-house legal staff for day-to-day legal issues, when push comes to shove, most companies rely on external, top-notch law firms to get them results. SEO is no different. The stakes are high and mistakes can be costly. Companies often get into trouble when they treat search engine optimization like a commodity service. You wouldn’t price-shop for a surgeon, and you shouldn’t price-shop for an SEO company to operate on your website.

This is why going with a proven agency is usually a better course of action. When you hire an agency, an SEO expert will outline his process and strategy. He will have experience working with other companies and dealing with ongoing SEO challenges in real time. As a matter of survival, SEO experts are forced to stay abreast of SEO and Google updates on a daily basis.

Hiring the wrong in-house SEO candidate, on the other hand, can be devastating. While he may produce some results, you will have to constantly check on what he is doing, and you may not know how to evaluate his effort or performance. You will never truly know if he is applying the latest SEO tactics. And he is only responsible to you, not to dozens of other demanding clients.

In 2016, the average annual salary for an entry-level SEO specialist in the US was over $40,000.121 That means you are looking at spending around $3,500 a month just to hire an SEO specialist with minimal experience. For the same amount or less, you would be able to engage a highly experienced SEO agency, depending on the number and competition level of your keywords.

If you hire a full-time in-house SEO specialist, be sure to budget for ongoing training. To be effective, SEO specialists need to keep up with the latest trends and understand how and when to apply new tactics, adjust to new search engine updates, and stop using methods that fall out of favor.

It is also important to realize that agencies take a team-based approach and can help with things like content generation, which your in-house SEO staff may not be qualified to do.122 If you choose to hire an SEO employee, you may need to outsource your ongoing content needs to a freelance writer. Digital agencies also have access to many premium SEO, social media, and tracking tools that you would otherwise have to pay for on your own.

Accountability is the real factor to consider when you make this decision, along with long-term impact. We absolutely believe that you will achieve greater success with a proven SEO agency than you would with an in-house SEO. That being said, there are many companies out there, especially larger ones, with world-class in-house SEO teams.

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