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Arif Chandra
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The Web Design Industry

One of the core reasons we decided to write this book was because of the endless stories we’ve heard from discouraged entrepreneurs. The story is always the same. They get a referral, hire a friend, or search online and select a web designer based on style and pricing.

Then, after the entire design and development process, the business owner discovers the site is not Google-friendly. Because of poor transitioning practices, previous SEO equity from the old site is lost or diminished. The new site launches and the business’s rankings do not change at all, or worse yet, its rankings plummet and the phone stops ringing! Sure, the new website may look great, but a pretty little website buried in the depths of the cyber sea is a drowned investment.

While business owners expect to get a boost from the launch of a new website, most know very little about SEO or where their website should fit in the overall marketing puzzle. With the excitement of getting a new website created, search engine optimization is rarely discussed. Even if they did ask for “SEO”— a common marketing buzzword — most web design and development companies do not make SEO a major priority. In order to maximize your ROI on a new website, make SEO and the content of this book the foundation of any new web design project you undertake. When interviewing a new web design partner, make sure to discuss SEO, marketing goals, and ROI at length rather than only focusing on graphic design and website features.

We have heard grown men cry when told that their brand new website is virtually useless and that it may need a total redesign to achieve their SEO goals. Hearing this same story over and over again motivated us to do something about it. We became determined to write this book, get the word out, and inspire change.

We want to save the next business owner about to spend thousands of dollars on web design and development the agony of making one of the biggest mistakes in small-business marketing today. We also want the web design industry to embrace SEO and make it a fundamental part of all web development. Not all websites are created equal. Pretty does not mean practical! You don’t buy a car because of its paint job, and you shouldn’t buy a new website without discussing what’s going under the hood.

Arif Chandra

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