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Spy Track Review

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Avg. Monthly Searches: The average number of times people have searched for this exact keyword based on the date range and targeting settings that you have selected. If Google does not have enough data, a dash (–) will appear.Competition: The level of bidding competition for a given keyword. Google calculates the number of advertisers bidding on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google Search. A lack of data is represented by the dash (–).Suggested Bid: This is Google’s suggested bid for a given keyword. It is calculated by taking into account the cost-per-click (CPC) that advertisers are paying for this keyword, based on the location and search network setting you have selected. The amount is an estimate, and Google warns that your actual CPC may vary somewhat.Ad Impression Share: AdWords impression share is the number of impressions you have received divided by the total number of searches for the location and networ…