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7 Finally Close The Loop By Writing Next X

7 Finally close the Loop by writing Next X7-Finally, close the Loop by writing “Next X”.8-Put together, your code might look like this: Sub ArrayPractice()Dim Varaible(1 To 5) As IntegerVariable(1)= 100Variable(2)= 150Variable(3)= Variable(1)*Variable(2)Variable(4)= 600Variable(5)= Variable(3)+Variable(4)For X=1 To UBound(Variable)Cells(X,1).Value=Variable(X)Next XEnd Sub9-Run the program. If you used the numbers in the example above, you might have something that looks like this: Congratulations! You just created your first Programming Array. Now try defining different array variables in your code and seeing what kinds of results you can get.
Chapter 8: Subs and FunctionsSo far in this book, we have learned how to create Subs. However, there are other ways to create code as well. One way is to create a Function. In this chapter, we will learn a bit more about how Subs are formatted and then, we will learn how to create a Function. What is a Sub? A Sub is a short, coded program that …

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